5 Must have accessories if you are planning an outdoor barbeque grills eve

Indulge in the distinctive flavours of barbeque grills with these must have accessories. Barbeque helps in retaining nutrients with a dash of smoky flavour in a butter and oil free way. With an endless number of recipes, you can enjoy a hearty treat anytime anywhere. Here’s what you need to plan a perfect and joyful barbeque grills eve

Foldable Barbeque Grill

This Foldable Barbeque Grill is designed using high quality and durable materials. It has a powder coated finish to serve you an array of delicacies for a longer period of time. From roasts, pizzas to low and slow ribs you can enjoy divine flavours of any barbeque food.

Barbeque Charcoal


This Barbeque Charcoal is eco friendly briquettes. It is made up of coconut shell waste and emits less smoke. They burn hotter, longer and prevent sparks. These charcoal smokers are ideal to enjoy a lavish treat of grills and barbecues outdoors. In addition, it comes with a fire starter to kickstart barbeque sessions with ease

Fire Starter Cubes


If you want to prevent pungent smoky smell to your barbeque food then you should use these fire starter cubes. They last for 12 minutes and have a high heat transmission. As they have a low emission power, you can enjoy your barbeque grill indoor, outdoor and even around kids

Portable Mini Hand Crank Fan Air Blower


Air blower is necessary to keep the spark alive in the charcoal barbeque. It is a must have barbeque accessory to ensure that the fire does not go off. This Portable Mini Hand Crank Fan Air Blower has a plastic body and metal air outlet. All you have to do is turn the handle manually and create the wind to increase the fire power

BBQ Grill Tools Set


Barbeque is incomplete without a tool set at your rescue. This 31 piece tool set includes everything that you need for grilling and toasting. These tools are made up of stainless steel material that are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Now nothing can stop you from enjoying a lavish smoky treat

Time to kickstart your barbeque plans and switch to a healthier cooking alternative. Grilling and toasting is always a good choice to retain nutrients and lower the calories of the food. Now you can pack and unpack your barbeque essentials within a blink of an eye

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