Kate Hudson Launches Clothing Collection Reflective of Her Style

Kate Hudson has finally decided to make her phenomenal chic style available to the masses, and that’s absolutely good news for a lot of fans and lovers of Hudson’s style

The actress recently launched her first ever clothing collection known as Happy x Nature. The 30-piece collection features tops, pants, dresses, jackets, and jumpsuits and they perfectly project her signature style as well as her eco-friendly outlook.

In Hudson’s clothing line, shoppers will get access to their fair share of floral print and ruffled pieces, billowy tops that are 70s inspired, light-wash jean jackets, and wide-leg denim pants. All the pieces of the collection have a vibe that no doubt reflects Hudson’s style.

While speaking about the photo shoot that modeled the brand, she explained that it depicts one who’s trying to internalize the scenery and one whose inspiration comes from the colors in the sun and the sky as well as the flowers around

Inspiration Behind the Brand

Nature was also one of the important things that were put into consideration during the design process. In a bid to ensure that the line has minimal effect on the environment, a lot of the items off the collections were gotten from organic and recycled cotton.


Also, the denim styles are also gotten from materials made from recycled bottles. Not just that, their packaging are inclined towards environmental sustainability, and it makes use of bio-degradable materials

When asked what inspired the name of the brand, I.e., Happy x Nature, she said she likes being happy, and the word has a way of making her feel good, but beyond that she wanted it to be a reflection of the product.

She mentioned that right from the onset, she already knew the line would be inclined towards environmental sustainability and utilize eco-friendly materials, and that explained why the name nature got to appear in the brand’s name.

She added that Danny Fujikawa who happens to be her partner first regarded her as happy by nature saying it’s what a lot of people think of her.


She also added that even though she doesn’t agree that anyone is naturally happy, it’s still something everyone should work towards

Hudson’s Fabletics Collection


The first stint she had with fashion was when she launched her Fabletics collection which features activewear, and she said she’ll incorporate the design of that into the new brand as well

She said she loves the idea of talking about two distinct companies. While Fabletics focuses on honoring the body and emphasizes the importance of remaining active and staying healthy, Happy x Nature, on the other hand, focuses on being free-spirited and also has its fun side but more importantly it draws attention to how people treat the planet and tries to encourage production of less waste


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