Please Hold My Hands Forever

It was hard to make a decision. However, your actions lured me into your love. However, I did not foresee this kind of unending care. You told me you will always love me, but I never knew there was more. You care so tenderly, I never imagined. Nevertheless, I was convinced. I learned to reciprocate. Now, as we intertwine our identical fingers, I never want to let go. I want to hold you forever. I know the same applies to you

It is long since we met. We have walked a journey I never knew I could manage. However, you have made it meaningful. I had a reason to hold on, even when I did not feel like it. Now, I never want to let you go. Years have passed, but nothing has changed. Our love is as fresh as it was the first day we met. I believe we still have a mission, to show the symbol of love to the next generation. That is why I will hold your hands infinitely

When it is dark, and everything seems blurred, I trust in your love. When we go through hurdles, ones we think we cannot solve, we hold our hands and trust our strength. When it gets hard, I do not fret because I know you will be with me no matter the situation. Loving you solved most of my problems. It gave me courage. When I met you, I have never felt unnerved. No one has ever intimidated me. You have always been there to defend me. Please never let me go.

When I met you, I knew this love was meant to stay. It was evident for your actions. Your affection brought a unique feeling; a feeling that I never wished to let go. Today as we stand here, I am more convinced that I made the right decision, the decision to stay with you, to love you, and to care for you. I know we are not perfect, but all I ask is for you to please hold my hands forever

It is adorable to walk with you everywhere. To the beach, ocean, cliff, there is no limit to where we can go with him. Nature is our favorite destination, more so when I am with you. As we take a walk along the ocean, I hold your hands gently. I lead the way as you follow. Everywhere we go, I get more assured of your love, and I long for your presence. It does not matter how long it takes, but as long as I hold your hands, I am always comfortable

Couples are supposed to be best friends. When you need a friend to go to the beach, he is your priority. You feel comfortable with him dressed in a sexy bikini. You always love the time you spend with him. You feel protected with him. You hold his hands at the beach, and he follows you. You direct his way, and he never complains. He drops his superiority and wishes you could hold his hands that way everywhere you go, all the days of your lives

 When you find love, you find treasure. Give the one you love time and attention. You spend time together. When she feels down, you invite her for coffee to revitalize her. Whenever you reassure her that you are always there for her, she feels backed up. She feels protected, and all she wishes is for you to hold her hands forever

One of the best jobs a man in love enjoys is taking sentry duty by the side of his love, watching over her as his heart flutters. He will hold her hands and vow to protect and guard her against all obstacles life throws their way. It is a seemingly impossible task to carry out daily, but when occasionally done, the renewed confidence makes a man stand taller

There is no shyness in a man loving the best lady he has ever known. Walking by her side as he holds her hands and flaunts his love to the world that he may not be the best man out there, but if there is one thing he is ready to perfect, it is the art of loving her

Cruise with me around the world, and let me show you the eight wonders of the world. However, the ninth and final wonder of the world is you, my heartthrob. Holding your hands brings a sense of calm and an ethereal sense of wellness that victory is assured whatever life throws our ways

Falling in love is like building a fortress. Meeting you crumbled my defenses, which turned my world from shades of grey to a bright multicolored collage. Holding and kissing your hands makes me heady as I smell your beautiful fragrance. Thank you for showing me the meaning of true love

Nothing beats speeding along on the highway with strong breeze washing over the car and having the daintiest damsel seated by a man’s side. Speed thrills a man’s heart, but nothing sends a man into overdrive like holding hands with his love and experiencing her unadulterated love as he looks into her eyes

After slugging through the obstacles the day throws a man, he treads along to a quiet house, with a peaceful mind and a longing to see his love. A blissful thought of lying in bed and holding her hands washes over his thought. His heartbeat quickens as he counts the steps to meet his love.

Promise a man fast cars, dazzling lights, beautiful walkways, and the solemnity of lovers enjoying the scenery. A man in love is oblivious of his surroundings; his focus of intent revolves around the woman he loves. Holding her hands, no amount of distraction can waiver his attention, as he is ready to conquer the world for her sake.

Navigating life’s turbulence period is similar to sailing over stormy waters. No matter how violent the waves are, how high the obstacles are, and how dark the skies are, I will be there by your side holding your hands until the calm returns. I promise to love you no matter the condition life throws our ways


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