Top 5 center filled chocolate cookies for a perfect festive delight

Among these, cookies have gained much attention. Cookies with infused chocolates are perfect to satisfy the taste buds amid the festive season. The combination of chocolate with cookies is exceptional and nobody can resist themselves to drool over the oozing chocolate after every bite. 

Presenting to you the top 5 chocolate centre-filled cookies for the cookie craver in you

1. Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills


Dark Fantasy Choco Fills are known for their luscious chocolate fillings. The perfectly baked crunchy cookie has a rich texture that holds a velvety molten chocolate in the interior. These are not only meant for festive delights but also the perfect munching snack anytime anywhere. Feel the goodness of rich chocolate with these scrumptious choco fills brought to you by Sunfeast Dark Fantasy.

2. Parle Platina Milano Centre Filled Dark Choco


Milano is known for the texture and quality of cookies. These Milano cookies have understood the importance of dark chocolate in a layman’s life and thus added a distinctive tweak to their existing array of cookies. Parle Platina Milano Centre Filled cookies are truly meant for the dark chocolate cravers. The dark cocoa flavour infused in the cookies and the rich creamy chocolate at the core cant stop you from indulging into them.

3. Cadbury Chocobakes Choc Filled Cookies


In every delectable bite one can sense the rich cocoa flavour of chocolate in these Cadbury Chocobakes Choc Filled Cookies. Why drool over the goodness of Cadbury chocolates alone when they are accompanied with wheat flour cookies? Cadbury’s choco filled cookies made from wheat flour so that you can relish on them without worrying about your health. These cookies are enrobed in smooth and silky chocolate that you can’t miss in this festive season.

4. Unibic Choco Kiss Cookies


These crunchy chocolate cookies help you to experience a sweet chocolaty surprise in every bite. They are extremely delicious and satisfy your hunger pangs in a jiffy. If you are a chocolate lover, then you should definitely grab these bunch of sweet treats.

5. Hide and Seek Choco Rolls


Hide and Seek Biscuits Choco Rolls create magic in your mouth. At the same time, these chocolaty rolls make you feel nostalgic. Hide and seek biscuits have the heart of millions but these choco rolls give complete justice to the popularity it has gained. Festive delights are fun with Hide and Seek Choco Rolls

Cookies and chocolates are made for each other. Rich cocoa and the crunchiness of the cookie shells makes it a fabulous festive delight. The instant oozing chocolate is meant to be savoured forever. Other than choc chip cookies, centre filled chocolate cookies have managed to enter into the favorite cookie list of chocoholics


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