A Couple of Pizza Thieves Were Caught Red Handed by Bo, a 10-Month-Old Bloodhound, Who Just Joined the Police Force

A new officer joined the Gastonia (N.C.) Police Department, and he’s already closed his third straight case after tracking down the person who allegedly robbed a DoorDash driver. Bo, a 10-month-old Bloodhound, became part of the force last October, making him the seventh member of the department’s K9 unit.

According to a release from the Gastonia Police Department, just after 11 a.m. on December 28, a DoorDash driver reported that she’d been robbed. Bo was brought to the crime scene, got a good whiff of the suspect’s scent, and then followed it “through heavy foot traffic and other distractions” right to the alleged robber’s door. 

In the police report, the stolen property is listed as a Pizza Hut Big Box Meal, which contained pizza, wings, and breadsticks, and those items were valued at $30. (The report also lists the stolen property as “recovered,” which suggests that Bo found the alleged perp before he had a chance to crack open the pizza box.) An 18-year-old Gastonia resident and another unnamed person in the same house were both arrested and charged with Common Law Robbery.


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