A Quick Guide To Learn Any Language

Steps to learn every language

To learn any language you need to pass through some steps which are necessary, so let's talk about how to do that, and which steps you should take.


The first day:

Well first of all you need to pick up your desired language, which means the language you want to learn and you're looking forwards to achieving your goals with. Also you should be in love with the language you are going to learn, you should be addicted to it so you won't spend a day without learning something.

Don't start unless you know all the alphabets


The second day:

start with simple dialogues, which are short and talking about simple things, then analyse them word by word so you know why each word is used, so you can use them in your upcoming sentences.


After one week:

now it's time to start learning some vocabularies, about 3 - 5 words a day, 2 nouns and 3 verbs is gonna be better, there will be much verbs you'd need, keep looking for new dialogues and get them kept in your mind without forgetting to ask and know the meaning of each word used for the dialogue, use the words as your daily vocabularies.

Keep doing this everyday for a month.


After a month:

Now it's time to start trying to write your first short text, or dialogue, it may contain some mistakes but it's fine, you'll get over it. Talk and read it aloud, try not to keep any word in your mind unless you know how it's spilt, don't write much, a tiny amount, will get you to know your mistakes and correct them.

It's also time to learn the verbs ( to be, to have, in the simple present).


3 months later:

You must be doing good now, get some text that is written on a newspaper or a story, try to read it aloud, underline each word you don't understand, have their definitions, and keep them in your mind, keep reading the text over and over again until you get all of it.

Tip: while you're reading, try to imagine the meaning of each word, not translating it into your own language, that may lead to unwanted things. It will be better if you have your vocabulary list with images, rather than translated.


After 6 Months:

Now you can start learning sentences, and start learning the other tenses of verbs conjugations, when you get to this point you can carry on alone and no need to be tied up to any guide, but you still have to keep learning at least five vocabularies a day, and turn learning this language to fun, by musics, jokes and movies.




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