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  • There is no longer a time when children turn a blind eye to their parents' advice because time, circumstances, development, technology, desires and materialism have not only changed almost every human being in the world but in such a siege.

  • Imprisoned where he sees nothing but his own interests and desires and perhaps that is why today's children have followed in the footsteps of their elders, the ideal of children is their parents but if the parents are materialistic If I can't get lost and pay attention to the children, then dealing with negative consequences is not uncommon.

  • It is not uncommon for a child to be said to have gone bad or to be attracted to entertainment instead of education. Steps are ahead and they do not take any of his advice seriously but many children even consider him crazy, stupid and ignorant in his absence. Why is this? Maybe there is a lack of parental upbringing, or the child does not have the ability to follow the parent's advice or technology such as social media influences? Raising children is a very difficult and patient task. Yes, many parents use their children as a shield to cover up their shortcomings, which is totally wrong. Obviously, the way parents behave with their children will have to bear the consequences, because raising children is just a matter of food and drink.

  • it is important and necessary to handle them skillfully in order to keep them informed of worldly things. Children are as stubborn and innocent as they are stubborn and self-centered.

  • They listen to all the words and advice of their parents. Parents who do not act and often use the formula of beating instead of love in such a situation which is more dangerous for the future of the children, everyone knows that children are known to ignore the instructions of the parents.

  • They are smart enough to test their parents' patience to see who it is Which formula should be used in such a situation? Kill or love? Parents can change their children with a few different but very simple and common tricks..

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