An amazing true love story


  An amazing love story


He met her at a party.  She was so beautiful, so beautiful and so beautiful, so many people were chasing her, while she was so normal, no one paid attention to her.  At the end of the party, he invited her to have coffee with him, she was surprised, but being polite, he promised.  He sat down in a nice coffee shop, he was afraid to say anything, she was restless, he thought, please, let me go home ... Suddenly he asked the waiter.  Will you give me salt  I want to keep it in my coffee.  '


  Everyone stared at him, how strange!  Her face turned red, but still, she drank her coffee with salt.  He asked curiously.  Why do you have this hobby? He replied: 'When I was a child, I lived near the sea, I loved playing in the sea, I could feel the taste of the sea like the taste of salty coffee.  Now whenever I have enough salt, I always think about my childhood, I think about my hometown, I miss my hometown a lot, I miss my parents who still  Live there  There were tears in his eyes as he said this.  She was deeply touched.


  His real feeling is from the bottom of his heart.  A man who can express his domesticity should be a man who loves home, takes care of home, is in charge of home.  Then he started talking about his distant hometown, his childhood, his family.  It was a wonderful conversation, a beautiful beginning to their story.


  They continue today.  He found out that he was actually a man who met all her requirements.  He was tolerant, gentle, warm, careful.  He was such a good person but he almost missed her!  Thanks for her salty coffee!


  Then this story was like every beautiful love story, the princess married the prince, then they were living a happy life ... and, whenever she made coffee for him, she put some salt in the coffee  She liked it as much as she knew it.


  Forty years later, he died, leaving a letter saying: 'My dear, please forgive me, lie all my life.  That was the only lie I told you --- salty coffee.  Remember the first time?  I was very nervous at the time, I actually wanted some sugar, but I said it was hard for me to change the salt so I just moved on.  I never thought this would be the beginning of our conversation!  I have tried many times in my life to tell you the truth, but I was afraid to do so, as I promised I would not lie to you about anything.  Truth: I don't like salty coffee, it tastes so bad .. but I've had salted coffee all my life!  Because I know you, I do nothing for you.  Living with you is the greatest joy of my life.  If I could live a second time, I would still like to know you and give you my life.  Even if I have to drink salty coffee again. '


  Her tears soaked the letter.  Some days, someone asked him: What is the taste of salted coffee?  It's sweet he replied.


  Love 2 is not forgotten but 2 is sorry, 2 is not C but understand 2, 2 will not listen but 2 will listen, 2 will not let go but 2 hold !!!!


  Never give up on the one you love, because the one you love will give up on you.


  Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot.


  Who calls you back when you cling to it?


  Who will stay awake to see you asleep?


  Wait for the boy who kisses your forehead.


  Who wants to show you to the world when you are in your sweat?


  Who holds your hand in front of your friends.


  Wait for the one who constantly reminds you how much he cares for you and how lucky he is for you.


  Wait for the one who turns to his friends and says, '... that's it.


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