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Blue cheeseDairy products generally and aged and highly fermented cheeses, like bleu, can cause headaches. this is often because they're rich in histamines, molecules derived from an important aminoalkanoic acid, histidine, that participate in numerous physiological functions. A deficiency of diamonooxidase (DAO), the hormone that metabolizes histamines, can cause high concentrations of those molecules within the blood, which features a vasodilator effect. Therefore, it's essential to stop and improve headaches so as to avoid the intake of foods rich in histamines, which may also cause asthenia, fatigue and atopy.CitrusThe citrus fruits also are rich in histamines, which their consumption should suffer moderately as headaches. "It is common for the consumption of citrus fruits, so common in winter, to possess a vasodilating effect that causes headaches," says Vaquera. Therefore, it's advisable not only to scale back the intake of oranges, grapefruits, lemons and lemons, but also to introduce other foods that are beneficial for headaches. " but it never hurts to undertake to seek out out if the topaches that occur when reducing caffeine also answer other reasons we may have over the head doesn't see, "indicates the Medicadiet nutritionist, Álvaro Sánchez. during this case, another study, conducted by the Diamond Headache Clinic of Chicago, shows that caffeine alone are often even as effective against headaches as some painkillers, but the duration of the consequences is between 45 minutes and an hour and a half, would be less.AvocadoAlthough it's fully healthy because of the high content of heart-healthy fatty acids, which also are found in vegetable oil and nuts, it's best to get rid of avocado from the diet if we've headaches or if we are susceptible to it. is additionally a food rich in histamines. Eggplant, spinach, tomato, pepper, chard or beans are other healthy foods that also are rich in histamines which we'd like to exchange with others with a coffee content like apple, pear, mango, lettuce, cucumber, onion, zucchini or pumpkin , amongst other wineAlthough wine is especially rich in histamines and is therefore a product to stop headaches, all alcohol is contraindicated. "Apart from being rich in histamines, alcohol is additionally hypoglycemic, which is why it's never recommended," explains Sánchez. Meanwhile, Cowgirl remembers that the beverage of choice should be water, as dehydration also can cause headaches. "

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