Canon EOS R5

Canon is changing the rules of the game on the
photographic market, the new era of full-frame
mirrorless cameras is continuing, taking full
advantage of the EOS R. Canon EOS R5 is the
legacy of the innovative optical, mechanical,
electronic modern technologies that the
company has accumulated over the long
history of camera development.
The EOS R system provides greater freedom
of use with the lens due to its wider lens
mount diameter, short short backfocus and
high-speed data transfer system between the
camera and lens, resulting in higher image
quality and ease of use. A developed CMOS sensor that provides
advanced features such as high-speed
continuous shooting at up to about 20 frames
per second using the electronic shutter and
up to about 12 frames per second using the
mechanical shutter to make it easy to shoot
sports events or other areas of fast-moving
photography objects. The ability to capture
video in phenomenal 8K quality will allow
camera owners to extract high-resolution
photos from the video sequence, as well as
process 8K video in high-quality 4K video,
opening up new possibilities for visual expression
. With this high resolution, EOS R5 allows you
to fully expand the genre of film production
and explore new dynamic ways to tell your story. Moreover, the EOS R5 is Canon’s unique and
first camera, which is equipped with a
high-performance coordinated image
stabilization (IS) system that interacts with the
IS system on attached RF lenses, so that in the
end you will get the most clear images and
videos without jitter, shoot without a tripod.
knowing that you will always achieve the most
smooth and clear result. The camera is equipped with two memory card
slots, which means a much longer shooting time,
supports automatic transfer of image files from
the device thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi to the cloud platform
(it will be available from the beginning
of April 2020). Since the EOS R5 is part of the incredible EOS R
family, with its stunning RF mount that delivers
the highest quality and adaptability, don't forget
the Canon EF's incredible range of lenses thanks
to the choice of RF-EF adapters for perfect
integration with the camera.

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