Five best food for healthy skin


   1. Blueberries.

Blueberries, like tea and wine, are a large number of antioxidants that attack free radicals that destroy skin cells.

Skin can look younger longer if DNA-damaging free radicals are neutralized by antioxidants and phytochemicals found in blueberries.

it's also a staggering amount of fiber, vitamins C / E, manganese, and vitamin G.

   2. Oysters:

The oyster zone is your relief. are packed with atom number 30, which is believed to be able to stop various skin ailments

inflammatory disease, scalp conditions, boils, stomach ulcers and dermatitis. Atomic number 30 can be a mineral with a pleasant "beauty benefit" as it rejuvenates and repairs the skin.

 2. Tomatoes:

Tomatoes have a nursing associated inhibitor, known as a carotenoid, that protects your skin from ultraviolet damage due to sunburn. within the western diet,

Regarding the eighty-five, the carotenoid is obtained only from tomatoes, and this may be the most effective place to look for it in fixations.

A study was conducted in twenty-three girls, the WHO was asked to eat fifty-five g of tomato (12 mg of lycopene) a day. Upon returning to work,

 4. Kiwis:

Kiwis contain large amounts of vitamin C, the unit of area necessary to supply albuminoid. It is a macromolecule "binder" that helps to strengthen the skin.

    Kiwis are also loaded with vitamins C and E, which not only fight free radicals but also facilitate skin repair. This is why you see a lot of skincare products with kiwi extracts.

   5. bitter sweet chocolate:

Dark chocolate is packed with flavonoids that protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. German researchers gave twenty-four girls [* fr1] a cup of special cocoa enriched with additional flavonoids daily and,

within three months the woman's skin became more watery, gritty and less scaly when exposed to ultraviolet rays | ultraviolet lighting | UV | actinic radiation | actinic ray} light.


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