How To Become Popular On Instagram.

Overlooked Techniques for Instagram Popularity:


1.Do keyword research on hashtags.

It’s not enough just to use the hot hashtags. Your goal is to use the most relevant and highest traffic hashtags. Does this sound a little bit like SEO? There is a lot of similarity. Hashtags are the Instagram equivalent of keywords, so you need to find out which ones your target users are most likely to click on.

If you choose the wrong hashtags, you won’t get the level of engagement that you’re looking for. Jawbone, maker of a fitness tracker, tried to use the power of hashtags on Instagram. They chose the hashtag #knowyourself, because it matched the theme of their marketing. Unfortunately, the #knowyourself hashtag was too generic. A lot of people were already using it, and those who were interested in clicking on #knowyourself didn’t engage with the theme that Jawbone was pushing.

2. Inspire your audience.

People feel good when they are inspired. When someone feels inspired, they like the person who inspired them.

That’s what #nitishdhiman, a social media marketer, does with his account. His Instagram keeps up a steady output of inspirational quotes for marketers:

3. Give away gifts. Nice ones.

Some of the techniques for becoming insanely popular on Instagram are definitely not free.

Some of my biggest costs were giving away prizes. I gave away nice stuff, which really caught on. Obviously, however, I leveraged my giveaways to get more followers. A single giveaway could score me a few thousand extra followers, which turned into more popularity later on down the road.

4. Show lifestyle pictures.

Dan Bilzerian’s uberpopular Instagram account is a bit NSFW, but he sure does know how to post lifestyle pictures.And when it comes to lifestyle, few people live as extravagantly as Bilzerian. That’s part of his secret to success. He lives like a king, and has more Instagram followers than some countries have citizens. Maybe that’s why he’s earned the title “King of Instagram.”

The new wave of lifestyle marketing is extremely appealing. We’re curious about how other people live, especially if we want to live that way ourselves. Of course we can’t live that way, so we live out our dreams through them. Celebrities, rich people, entrepreneurs, world travelers, extreme athletes, and fashion consultants can easily feature such lifestyle pictures on their Instagram, racking up tons of follows and likes.

5. A few selfies are okay.

One of the reasons why Instagram is so popular is because it provides a close look at people’s everyday life — what they look like, how they act, what they do.

Some people have a thing against selfies, as if they are some narcissistic iniquity. In actuality, selfies are part of the personal self expression in the digital age. It’s okay.

6. Comment on other people’s photos (don’t just like them).

When I first started using Instagram, I thought it would be enough just to like other people’s pictures in order for them to follow me and like my photos. As it turned out, I got way more interaction when I commented on other users’ photos then when I merely liked them.

7. Target the hottest hashtags

Most people know that using hashtags is an easy way to get more exposure…but which hashtags should you use?

Many people simply smother each post with a huge variety of hashtags like #bestofig or #likeforlike, hoping to get more likes. This can work. But a more powerful method of getting quick and easy likes is to use the Top 100 tags.

8. Post more photos.

Who wants to follow an account that has just a few photos? When a user clicks on another profile, they see three different metrics that will help them to determine whether or not they want to follow.

  1. Posts.
  3. Following

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