How to get the perfect eyebrows for your face shape

Eyebrows have been in the spotlight quite a lot recently, and for good reason. With the paradigm shift towards more naturalistic or ‘makeup-free’ looks, eyebrows undoubtedly carry way more responsibility now than ever before. Framing your eyes and face is an essential job done by your brows, and a job which if badly done can break your entire look.  

Nearly every woman would know the horror of over-plucked or accidental uneven brows, and the struggle of getting them to look perfect for your face. Read on to discover the ultimate guide to determine the right eyebrow shape recommended for your face shape, and how you can achieve it easily at home!

Determining your face shape

The shape of an eyebrow constitutes 3 main elements – its arch, thickness and length. Each of those factors have to be carefully curated to act as the perfect face lifts and enhance your natural features. To figure that out, you must first understand the shape of your face - the simplest way to do that is to stand in front of a mirror and carefully mark the outline of your face using a non-permanent marker and measure the length of your face, width of your forehead, width of the cheekbones from their highest points and the width of your jawline across its widest points. Then, you can refer to this guide

Round Face all 4 values are nearly equal, and your jawline is curved instead of angular. Full, moderately thick and angularly arched eyebrows will look fantastic on your face! The length of the brows should not be too much, and they should be as close to the nose arch as possible to make your face appear narrower.

Square Face  all 4 values are nearly equal, but your jawline had distinctly straight angles. You should go for high, curved arches to elongate your face and subtly soften your facial features. Take care of the length of your brow  make sure its tail tip ends at a diagonal point from the outer corner of your eye. If the tail is too low, it can make your eyes seem droopy

Heart Face – the total length, forehead width and cheekbone width are nearly same, with the jawline width significantly lesser and the chin is visibly pointy. Full eyebrows with a soft arch would look best for your face because they would balance the chin. Thick eyebrows can easily overwhelm a face, but it won’t happen with you since the brow region is the widest area of your face.

Oval Face face length is nearly 50 percent more than the cheekbone width, with forehead and jawline width slightly narrower and curved. With this face shape, it is hard to go wrong. You can pull off any style of eyebrows, but the safest bet is to stick to a full natural brow and a soft arch

Find the right products

Once you understand your face shape and what style of brows would complement it, figuring out how to get your eyebrows to follow the guide is the hardest part. Whether your eyebrows are naturally bushy or sparse, dark or barely-there – there is a product for everyone to easily achieve your perfect shape at home! Check out this curated list of eyebrow essentials, and find out exactly what your brows need

Philips Touch-up Facial and Body Trimmer

Having groomed and shaped eyebrows is absolutely essential getting rid of rogue hair around your eyebrows will give you the perfect shape. This is the ideal pocket sized and pocket friendly tool to achieve that easily at home and on the go! It has a small, precision tip to hygienically and painlessly trim your eyebrows

Sugar Cosmetics Arch Arrival Brow Definer

This tool includes a spoolie and an angular applicator to precisely define and structure your brows. This is especially ideal for someone whose brows have little gaps in between, so you can fill in by making small, upward strokes with this tool. The pigment is long-lasting and waterproof

Nyx Professional Makeup Tame and Frame Tinted Brow Pomade

This is a cream based, water resistant and smudge-proof formula that gives off a great pigment and concentrated colour. This pomade is ideal for people with really sparse eyebrows, and to achieve the well structured Instagram brows that are so sought after

Miniso eyebrow Brush Pack of 2

The combo includes a flat angular brush and a spoolie brush for even and precise application. You can use these to apply pomade or any other gel or powder based products for the brows

Swiss Beauty Gel Mascara Lash and Brow

This is a highly volumizing and moisturising clear gel based formula to set all brow makeup products and also tame unruly hair on it. It helps to give your brows a thicker, fuller and shinier appearance

Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer

This is an oil-free and breathable formula that ensures no fading or shifting. Concealers are absolutely essential to make your eyebrows appear perfectly shaped and naturally lifted. Just draw thin lines all around the brow after you are done applying pigments, and blend well for a flawless and neat finish

Maybelline New York Face Studio Metallic Highlighter

This powder-based highlighter is highly reflective and pigmented and gives off a gorgeous warm and metallic sheen to complement all complexions. You should blend a bit of highlighter on your brow bone to amplify the arch and make your eyes look fuller, along with a gorgeous glow and lifted look


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