If You Are Still Living With Your Parents, This Message Is For You.

Good day guys

If you are still living with your parents. This is what you will experience everyday and night.

b421550f26359e4ff8d11700e60d2c9e?quality=uhq&resize=720Know this,if you are still living with them and you are above 22. You must have seen this signs about them.


1. They Shout at you always

Every parent still sees their children regardless of how old they are as a child. My parents usually call me 'my pikin'. Regardless of how grown I am, they still see me as a child with no direction. Something that is not worth shouting at is what they will picture and begin to do it



2. Your Movements are monitored

You can go out and come in when you like. They monitor your movement, where you went, who you met and what you did. They want to know the every details you did while outside and they will also give you a certain time to return,faillng to do so then some consequences will appear.ef6a84097c8f4b5f05f09bc87e81b548?quality=uhq&resize=720


3. They go through your Stuffs when you are out

The youths of today are sometimes very careless and may slip something worth what parent may want to find when checking your stuffs in your absence. If they get suspicious of you then they will definitely search your stuffs for clue to your daily whereabout


4. They make decisions on your behalf1c18d16c9b0fbf6d769c3e274d0acfba?quality=uhq&resize=720

Have you experienced a situation where your course of study in school were the one your parents chooses for you and not otherwise. You will now end up studying what you doing have passion for. I am an example to this. I studied and failed some courses when I was school because I never had interest in that department but I had no choice but to overcome them all and move ahead...

Never allow your parent to make wrong choices for you .


5. Get up and be a Man or Woman

At 28, the first thing I thought was how to go rent a house to become a man. I did not tell my father that I served so many bricklayers and Market so many products for people. when I was under him. I was able to raise money for myself to rent a house.

Life is made up of an infinite amount of choices. Most decisions we make affect our lives. How do you expect a 35-year-old man or woman to plan for the future when all he or she does is living under their parents and collecting money from them? Some would even marry and have their children under their parents. No wonder some of them believe that they are still small children.

There is nothing scary about being independent. Take the bull by the horn and start a new life for yourself.. it's going to be hard and unpleasant. But, it's the right thing to do.

God will always be with you.

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