Remember the June 30 revolution, a people's revolution against terrorism

A magnificent scene of a major exit in the Tahrir Square in Cairo and the governorates
Outraged anger, rejection of the state's brethren, failure of the government, and death threats against the people and opponents
Cheers, shook the staff of the deceptive group and the earthquake of Sultan, its delegate in the Presidency of the Republic, "Morsi Al-Ayat"
The Egyptians poured out their anger on the thirtieth of June 2013 on the president of their accident a lot about social justice, and they discovered his deception and that his justice will not take place except on the family and clan who seized the parliament.
And the Constitution Drafting Committee must then put a detailed constitution on the size of the group
When the Egyptians objected to the Federal Palace, they were assaulted by the boys of freedom and justice.
That party, which claimed the Renaissance of Egypt with a fictitious project, soon Egyptians discovered that as a bird of Renaissance "does not exist"
Uninterrupted demonstrations expressed the millions of Egyptians who had declared their revolt against Al-Ayyat and his group with 22 million documented forms in light of uninterrupted crises such as "power outages, unavailability of gasoline, gas cylinders, etc."
The Egyptians, determined to oust the terrorist Brotherhood, came out of the government, no matter how necessary until the first statement of the armed forces came. The superpower is just a province in a country they claim is the "caliphate state."
Amid the fiery atmosphere and popular determination to leave the family and clan system, the statement of the third of July came to lay down the road map for Egypt's political crisis.
When the country prepared to build and wake up from its hibernation, the group and its supporters began to tamper with its stability with terrorist and sabotage operations.
And targeting the army and police officers and vital state facilities
And because the penalty is for the same type of work, Al-Ayat and the group’s leaders have submitted to numerous trials in cases of phone calls with others and others
The judiciary issued convictions against them, while the June revolution had become normal, a referendum was held on a new constitution, and presidential elections were held after which Field Marshal Abdel Fattah El-Sisi assumed the presidency of the country after winning it by an overwhelming majority.
It remains for the revolution in June, on its seventh anniversary, to complete its path under an integrated approach of stability, construction, and the fight against terrorism alike.
Joy and happiness were on everyone’s faces, as the Egyptians got rid of their different groups and orientations, even if what they called the “Al-Kanaba” party from the rule of his group planted frustration and planned for division and almost fell into Egypt in the cycle of civil war

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