Six gestures men who talk about indifference to the woman


It is believed that the last word is always with the woman, and the man can only submit and roll the lip or happily bounce up to the ceiling, if the lady don't mind. But accidents happen, and that is a sad one, when a man attracts us, and we did not, unfortunately, also not uncommon. 

And he puts in a delicate position not only lady but also man: on the one hand, you do not want to offend the good man, on the other, he is afraid to seem not enough hussars. It is considered to be that brutal "male" must pounce on anything that moves...

To avoid unpleasant situation, quite a good look at the object of his interest. Even if a man lacks the spirit to make you a failure (or lack of tact not to do so), it always fails with body language.

Here are a few unconscious gestures that give a man when he don't wants:


Being alone with you, he's not trying to reach for you playful hands, but instead keeps them at the seams. So, if his arms hanging limp lashes along the trunk — the man is relaxed, calm, balanced, alas, even too balanced. Immodest thoughts are not confuse his mind and make the heart beat faster, although the situation has.


Rubbing the lips, nose, forehead talking about the fact that the man felt uncomfortable, afraid to say too much and inadvertently to offend you. This expression happens to the chief when he's going to fire an employee, or a beautiful man who chooses his words to convince you to take your hand off his knee and cease to pour him champagne.


It is a protective gesture indicating that the man is tense, closed, and does not intend to let you into their personal space. He feels at ease, and he is clearly not in the mood for romance. Of course, if you are a tax inspector and are talking about credit and debit transactions, its behavior is quite natural.

But if you play quiet music, and you casually touch his thigh legs... It's suspicious reaction, after which is clearly to stop the advance and wait for more accurate intelligence.


If a man sits, turned away from you, sideways, or sideways, for some reason he's not interested in you. Or at the moment you are on his list of priorities is not in the first place. It's OK if you have long been familiar, sated in each other and now come home and relax mainly some tea in front of the TV.

But in a romantic setting, this suggests that the man was not interested in continuing the evening. And if you don't invite him to stay for a Cup of coffee, will not cry.


When communicating with a lady she liked, a man instinctively tries to appear taller and occupy more space: legs apart, chest with a wheel, shoulders are deployed.  This is a demonstration of stature and strength to attract a "female", which any man includes unconsciously.  If a man cringes and slouches in your presence, he clearly does not pursue a good impression and does not go out of his way so that the evening ceases to be languid.


They look at an attractive lady for a long time and with pleasure, lingering on her outstanding virtues ... If a man turns his head around hard, his eyes constantly wander, avoiding eye-to-eye contact, glide past your beautiful forms, do not rush to attack.

Since a man does not stop looking at your external merits, which you so carefully framed in a sheath dress or a tight-fitting turtleneck, maybe, well, a man with such a bad taste and low libido, eh?  Of course, there is always a chance that a boring gentleman simply forgot his glasses at home, and he will see clearly, come to his senses, regret ... But you can hold out until you are sure and don’t throw the white flag before the fourth or fifth compliment.

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