Stereotypes related to wearing a bra! Must read!!

In this post-colonised period,we have learnt very less from the west!

A women is has a major role in building a society which is often ignored by men.Even today women face difficulties expressing themselves as a whole!

Today,lets depart for a journey for a better tommorow!


The first cloth wore my a human can be dated back to 170,000 years,and since then a series of relaxation and variation in wearing clothes could be observed,yet the outfit of women have changed only a little.

The bra is a major as well as important piece of clothing for a woman as it saves the repect of woman,according to the male dominant society.

But the problem doesn't lies with the bra,but the emeralds inside it,i.e, breasts.

Breasts are considered as a symbol of feminity and sexuality of a woman and man like to have a look on it.

The concept of most of the mens is that breasts can seduce a man and he will get restless to have sex with that woman,so as a security to avoid abuse to women,bra is considered a cruicial piece of clothing for women.


What I believe is,its the perception of man which has to be changed and you can't always associate women with safety because I think everyone can defend itself if the goal of the society coincides!


It was a short,though powerful journey and I hope it may have inspired your views about the society.


Thank You

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