The 8 ultimate road trip essentials you must pack to enjoy without trivial worries!

The journey matters more than the destination - especially when we talk about road trips! A much-needed weekend getaway with friends can be all we need to charge us up for a battle against another week of endless meetings and hectic deadlines. A road trip can be the most spontaneously fun, enriching and memorable time that you and your family and friends will cherish forever. In these times especially, it definitely seems like the safest way to have a little fun outing!

To ensure a good time, however spontaneously you may have planned it, giving careful thought on what to pack is absolutely essential. You cannot afford to worry about trivial things or forget an essential item, and as a result lose out on the fun. We made you a list of 8 items that we assure you would be needed to minimise stops, maximise the fun and save you money along the way - ensuring a seamless experience of a lifetime!

1. JunoBull Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow


This soft, lush and adjustable neck pillow is a must to bring along on your road trip for catching a nap. A quick shut-eye will help you stay focused when it is your turn to drive, and this pillow will provide the maximum comfort to keep fatigue and crankiness at bay!

2. Praxon Plastic Insulated Chiller Ice Box


What is a road trip without snacks and refreshing juices, sodas and sherbets for all? This lightweight, durable and insulated ice box has a 6L capacity, which means you can pack your beverages from home and keep them chilled for a long time. No more frequent stops to buy them on the way

3. Jukemen Car Trash Can 


This is an often overlooked, yet essential item to carry for a road trip. The hanging design ensures convenience in removal and installation, self-leveling spring lid keeps the trash covered and the durable plastic material is leak-proof and waterproof. Make sure you have a fun time while not littering outside, or making a mess inside your car! 

4. Ravaiya Handloom Embroidered Blanket


Have you ever been in a car with people who wanted the air conditioning cranked up while you shivered in a corner? Make sure that does not happen this time, and keep this soft blanket handy to keep you cosy, and the others comfortable as well

5. ELV Car Mount Adjustable Phone Holder


Gone are the days when we needed to carry a map of the entire city on a road trip - our phones have GPS now. This phone holder has a secure and easy mounting system, adjustable hands and rotatable plate to ensure easy access to your phone’s map, safe driving and eliminating the need for a friend to help you with the route when driving!

6. Mivi Roam 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Good music, great friends and road trips go hand-in-hand! This lightweight, travel-friendly bluetooth speaker with built-in voice assistance, heavy bass and 24-hour guaranteed play-time is a must-have for your trip, to listen to your jams non-stop on-the-go!

7. Mi Power Bank - Type C and Micro USB Input, Triple Output


We really cannot do without our devices, and we need them charged for long durations. That is why this 18W fast charging power bank with triple ports is a must for long road trips!

8. Ambi Pur Car Freshener Gel - Relaxing Lavender


Long durations in a car full of people and constant snacking can lead to an uncomfortable odour. Avoid that by using this mild freshener gel in your car, that provides consistent fragrance release and is ergonomically designed to avoid spills and keep the spirits high


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