Cleaning is a mandatory activity for all housewives, even the simplest one. There must be cleaning activities, from washing dishes to cleaning children's rooms. However, sometimes it is sad if cleaning is made difficult by annoying things like stubborn stains. Hmm, starting to think about cleaning the house? In the future, today's mothers will share videos that make cleaning up for you lighter and easier, and less boring.

Habits like the ones above that we commonly encounter on a daily basis can have a serious impact on children's health, you know, Moms. Meanwhile, washing hands has not become a habit for children in their daily activities.

Wow, you need to be alert and immediately start teaching children this habit.

Give praise and appreciation to every progress in his habit of washing hands and maintaining cleanliness. For example, you might give him a favorite toy if your child succeeds in getting his friends to wash their hands or just a warm hug and the words "I'm proud to see you didn't forget to wash your hands."

One of the things that we should often pay attention to, however, about our environment is often neglected. Yes, environmental cleanliness is one of the most important things to maintain, because there are so many benefits. A clean environment is a condition where the environment around us is clean, not only from rubbish and dirt, but also clean from all kinds of graffiti on the walls. Clean environment itself is one condition that everyone is very proud of.


What are the benefits of a clean environment?

As mentioned earlier, a clean environment has many benefits. What are the benefits of a clean environment? the following are some of them:

1. Make the environment pleasant and pleasing to the eye

The first benefit of a clean environment is that it makes the environment more pleasant and enjoyable to look at. Just imagine, what good is it to see an environment that is dirty and also full of garbage? Very unattractive, right? So that, with the cleanliness of the environment that is well maintained, as well as an environment that is always beautiful and also clean. This of course will cause the environment to be pleasant and also pleasing to the eye. If the environment becomes pleasant and also pleasing to the eye, it will have an impact on:

* Good environmental health

* The residents who live are more at home

* The layout of the environment is made easier and less complicated

* The environment becomes more beautiful.

2. Better air quality

The second benefit of a clean environment is to improve good air quality. Usually, the benefits of air in a clean environment have several important indicators. The following are some indicators that can be categorized as a clean environment:

-Less and low pollution and also smoke

-A well-organized pile of trash, so it doesn't get in the way

-River and drain water are clean

This will cause the environment to smell and can cause shortness of breath, due to air pollution. Therefore, with a clean environment, this can cause the air quality of an environment to be maintained very well. This can reduce the risk of deteriorating air quality.

3. An environment that is far from various diseases

The benefit of a clean environment is that it can prevent or at least reduce the risk of spreading various diseases. Once, imagine if garbage piles up without cleaning, it will be very dirty and cause lots of flies. Flies are disease carriers. When you live in an environment that is neither clean nor clean, this will cause an increase in the spread of diseases, such as fever, diarrhea, dysentery, respiratory diseases, and also other diseases.

The benefits of clean living can prevent and minimize the spread of disease in the environment, cleaning the environment must be encouraged. So that the environment is always clean and can minimize all forms of disease.

4. Separate satisfaction for the residents of the environment

A clean environment also provides satisfaction for its residents. By successfully maintaining the cleanliness of the environment and also making the environment cleaner. Then the residents who have succeeded will certainly feel satisfied. Especially after seeing the environment where he lives, it becomes very clean and also pleasing to the eye.

5. Environmental health is well maintained

Health or hygiene factors will certainly be maintained if the environment in which you live is always kept clean. Apart from being associated with a reduced risk of disease spread, this is also closely related to quality of life. With good hygiene and health, it is almost certain that the quality of life as well as health. People who live in this clean environment will certainly always be very well preserved. 

6. Make the environment more frequently visited by other people

The benefits of this clean environment can be a model or an example for others. With a cleaner environment, there will be a lot of people who are interested and also comfortable in this clean environment. This is of course beneficial for the environment and also for the surrounding residents.

7. More comfortable and comfortable living in that environment

You too, as a member of a clean and well-maintained environment, will certainly feel more at home and feel at home in that environment. Just imagine, who wants to live in a dirty and trashy neighborhood? If there is, it must be forced. Therefore, with a clean environment, at least you will feel comfortable and happy living in that environment.

8. Simplify the task of cleaning personnel

The task of the cleaning force of an environment is already heavy. When making the environment clean, at least this can help the work of the staff and cleaners so they don't work hard.

9. Preventing Floods

The benefit of a clean environment is that it can prevent flooding and other natural disasters. Call it the garbage that has piled up on the legs and rivers. The accumulation of garbage has the potential to cause flooding and of course harm us as residents who live in the neighborhood. Therefore, keep the environment clean, so that disasters such as floods do not hit our environment.

That's the benefit of a clean environment. To obtain a clean environment, it requires the involvement and role of all environmental elements, therefore. Invite residents and also your neighbors to help keep the environment clean, so that they can get many benefits from the cleanliness of the environment.

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