Top 21 tips that can really help you with hair care.

21 tips that can really help you with hair care.


Beautiful hair is said to be a woman’s secret weapon.

Following are the tips to help you with your hair growth

1. Dry your hair well to make it look more. Spray the individual strands at the roots with a strong fixation varnish and dry again. Dry your hair in the opposite direction than they normally fall.

2. Don’t hair down trying to do things that aren’t for them. Rather, reveal what you have, the better. Healthy, shiny hair is beautiful, whether it’s curly or straight, long or short.

3. Take B vitamins before going on holiday - they will nourish and prepare your hair for the sun. Also, eat foods high in protein, such as chicken and nuts, to help restore your natural protein balance.

4. When combing, never comb the curly hair - it will only curl and lose its shine.

5. Warm the styler in your hands before applying, as this will make it more effective.

6. If you do not have time to rub your head, rub a small amount of talcum powder into the roots - they will break down the fat.

7. Ask your stylist to teach you how to dry your hair properly. Tools and instruments are important.

8. To tie the tail firmly, use a simple string: first moisten it with water, then grasp the tail firmly and wrap it with string. The dried cord will expand and the tail will not release.

9. Change shampoos: If your hair is colored and thin, then rub your head one day with a shampoo for thin hair and the other with colored shampoo, as this will give you the best effect of both shampoos.

10. Use conditioner for colored hair. If your hair lacks life and shine, choose a protein-enriched conditioner, and a moisturizer to make your hair softer.

11. Never tumble dry very wet hair. Allow them to dry naturally by almost 70% if your hair is curly - up to 90%, and only then take a hairdryer.

12. Buy the right hair dryer - 3200-watt dryers are most often used in salons, and 1800 watt power will be suitable at home.

13. Hand cream is suitable for straightening bloated and damaged tips. Spread a small amount of cream evenly on your hands and apply it to the ends of the hair.

14. Don’t be late to your stylist because he will have less time to tidy up your hair and rushed work is not good.

15. If you do not want your hair to become electrified, first lightly spray it with a mild fixation varnish, and then gently comb it with a natural bristle brush. Your hair will look shiny and will not electrify.

16. If you see a woman whose hairstyle you like, ask who her stylist is. First, go to the hairdresser - if you like, make a note of the haircut.

17. If you don’t like a new hairstyle, tell your stylist and give him a chance to fix it.

18. Rinse hair thoroughly, never in soapy bathwater.

19. For short hair, use about 2 drops of coin-sized shampoo. If your hair reaches your shoulders, use 5 drops of the coin-sized amount of shampoo. Longer hair needs twice as much shampoo as short hair.

20. Many people think that a lot of air conditioning should be used after the pool, but the most important rule is to rinse the chlorine well.

21. Trim your hair every four weeks to maintain its length and shape.

Hope these tips and remedies help you with your daily hair care.





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