Understand and write excellent paragraphs for your business proposal or individual's career. How to express yourself through paragraph writing?


Paragraphs are so much important to express individual’s thoughts. In any business you have to express yourself in front of viewers either verbally or in written form. Given below are the types of paragraphs that will definitely help you in your career or business


1.  Unfocused paragraph

An unfocused paragraph is not relating or directed toward one specific thing (such as particular goal or task) or a paragraph which fails to attract the attention of readers.


Mr. sweet was a good companion for the narrator and his sister. Mr. Sweet always made the narrator feel special. Mr. Sweet played with the children just as if he were a child himself. Mr. Sweet also displayed a great deal of respect for the narrator and his family. He was compassionate, caring, and honest.


Why is this an unfocused Paragraph

The reason is that there is no argument at all presented in the paragraph. Instead, the writer has simply written a series of claims with no supporting evidence whatsoever. In other words, there are no facts from the story presented in the paragraph to convince readers that any of the claims are believable.



2.  Incoherent paragraphs

Incoherent paragraph is one in which words, phrases, and sentences does not move smoothly and logically from one to the other. In other words there is not consistent relationship between them.

Incoherent Example

        For me, the worst thing about waiting tables is the uniform. All the waitresses had to wear this ugly brown striped jumper. The shirts were polyester. Sometimes someone you know comes in. Now I have a job in an office.

Coherent Example

        For me, the worst thing about waiting tables was the uniform. At the last place I worked, all the waitresses had to wear an ugly brown striped jumper. Sometimes someone I knew would come in and I'd feel embarrassed by my outfit. Now I have a job in an office, where I can wear my own clothes.


Poorly developed paragraphs

        The paragraph which does not have correct grammar, spelling, clarity, and organization.


        Hockey can be dangerous, because you may

lose your teeth.

You could get a concussion.


puck could hit you in the head.

That would sure

hurt a lot.

That is why they where hockey masks.

I do not like all hockey teams.

These is just my



Special purpose paragraphs

        In special purpose paragraphs writer gives information to readers in an organized format.  Writers give reasons, facts, or details to support a main idea.



Sentences play important role to build a paragraph


Clear and Unclear sentences

Unclear sentences


Clear sentences


Peter saw a fox looking out of the window of the room.


Looking out of the window of the room Peter saw a fox.

Peter’s hair needs cutting badly.


Peter’s hair badly needs cutting.

He telephoned asking me to come next Sunday today.


He telephoned today asking me to come next Sunday.


James made a sewing machine entirely from his head for his mother.


James, entirely from his head, made a sewing machine for his mother.


Uncle Thomas called his grandson who is over ninety.


Uncle Thomas, who is over ninety,    called his grandson.


The basket was carried by a girl full of flowers.


The basket full of flowers was carried by a girl.





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