Youtubers lie to make money in Srilanka

Srilanka is a lovely island situated in Indian Ocean. It has a long history. That history, Like in all other civilizations had filled with heroism, Battles,Betrayals etc.


But after the youtube channels get popular in srilanka lot of youtubers start to reimagine the island's history just to get the views of common people. They always say in there channels that Srilanka is the only civilization in the world that has all the knowledge. Thay even went on to say that ancient Srilankans used to travel to other planets. But they didn't produce any substantial evidence.


So there ultimate hero is King Ravana. They swearing that king Ravana hadn't die as said in Ramayana. What they propose is that Ravana is in a deep sleep and going to wake up soon and eventually conquer the whole world.Some people are saying that they know the place where Ravana is sleeping. But never ever disclose any details. They only tease the poor people of Srilanka. 


The sadest part is that the youth of Srilanka has fallen to this madeup youtube marvel. They actually believe that Ravana will come to rescue them. So the youtubers who are doing this, get number of subscriptions and earn lot of money. They even challenging the archeological proffessionals as well. 

So if this trend countinues most of the youth in Srilanka will lost there rational thinking and end up in mythological blunder.


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